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Title: The Talking Tree 

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The Talking Tree Room
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“Come sit beside me,” said the Talking Tree. “Tell me your thoughts, tell me your worries, tell me your fears and I will comfort you. I have big shoulders for you to lean on.” The Talking Tree was known far and wide. But the tree was not easy to find and even if you found it, it didn’t necessarily mean it would talk to you. Your trek through the hills and woods might be in vain, for it could sense those who came for a good cause and those who just wanted to use the Talking Tree for their own gain.

“Tell me Tree, those hills beyond the Blue River, do they contain gold as everyone suspects,” asked a conniving young man. The Talking Tree knew these kinds of people and usually stayed quiet. But for this young man, the Talking Tree replied, “No, those hills are baren of gold. The gold you seek can be found in the mountains to the south. It’s a long journey and fraught with danger, but well worth it if you make it.” The young man thanked the Talking Tree and left for the southern mountains. He was never heard from again.

But, when a young woman came to the Talking Tree, she sat down beside it, and without saying a word, leaned on its broad shoulders. The Talking Tree knew her story and told her, “I know you are worried about your baby. She will be fine and grow to be the strong woman you want her to be. She will get through this illness.” The young woman hugged the tree in gratitude and a few drops of tears fell on the Talking Tree’s bark. The tears of joy added years to the Talking Tree's life. And the woman's baby grew to be the person her mother hoped she would be.

The Talking Tree Room
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