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Art and Poetry

Art and Poetry
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In November 2022 the three artworks that make up the Art of the Poem series, were accepted into The Art of the Poem show at the Pocket Star Gallery in Athens, Greece. The show ran for a month and that artwork is now shown below and is for sale here. The artwork I created was directly related to the poem written by Uzomah Ugwu titled “A Childs Harmony”.

"A Child’s Harmony”
by Uzomah Ugwu

He held his guitar like a woman on the verge
Of a still birth and in such hardship, h
er own welfare stared back at him
Chord for chord it was like he was birthing the child for new air

His harmonies outlasted the night filled with trauma it was
The kind of brightness that brought light to lampposts
In a hurry, he gathered his guitar close like he knew note for note his job

Had begun to overshadow what it was meant for
With all eyes on him and the storms of people begging for an encore

He reached out his hand and bowed to an audience that
For a few hours felt what was in his heart and as he left the stage

His song fell apart into a mother’s arms where there was a child all
From the extension of his arms that explained why he did perform

The poem was first published in Light Journal, NYC, USA. Light Journal, “A child’s Harmony” (2019).

You can also visit Uzomah's online magazine for interesting interviews including her interview with me here.

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His Guitar

His Guitar

Encore Encore Encore

Encore Encore Encore

Her Loving Arms

Her Loving Arms

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