Artistic Statement

I believe in the mysterious, so as a result, I infuse my artwork with magic. I think most, if not all, artists believe in some form of magic. Throughout the history of the world, magic has played a vital role in the creation of human mythology. Words, symbols, shapes, and objects have been used to help humans navigate through difficult times and celebrate times of joy.

Using hidden words, shapes, and symbols, I add magic to my artistic work. Although these words, shapes, and symbols are invisible to the naked eye, they are there, adding a sense of mystery to my art. I also use such magical technological advances, such as artificial intelligence and digital tools, which often seem like magic. If you are a person who believes in the magic of art, my work will appeal to you.

When I am creating my art, I often feel as if I am in a dreamlike state where anything is possible. I am not limited by the constraints of the physical world and can explore any idea that comes into my mind. This freedom is both exhilarating and magical. I never really know what I will create next or how it will be received by the world. But that is the magic of art: it can take us to places we have never been and help us see the world in new and unexpected ways. It is a way to access the hidden parts of our own minds and imaginations and to share those parts of ourselves with others.