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Artistic Statement

As someone who was born with hyperphantasia, my mind has always been a constant running show of extraordinary images, which are often very filmic in nature. As a result, I have no ability to keep making the same thing over and over again. So, what I like to do is make short series of artworks (usually four to a series) that come into my mind. I understand why most artists stick to a particular style, if works and people like it and buy it, no need to change. But I don’t work that way.


I was interested in photography at a very young age and when the digital photography age emerged in the 1990s, I jumped on board as soon as possible. So I have been a digital artist since the start of the digital photography movement. The move to digital photography soon lead me to digital art. Using Photoshop for my creations, I would create abstract artworks based on photographs I had taken. With Photoshop and my camera as my creation tools I was able to express the imagery that ran in my mind. I continued down this path of digital art trying to persistently move my art in ever more interesting ways.

Then in 2022 an explosion of technology occurred that would not only change the world but my creative focus. The new technology known as AI generative art hit and at first I was very skeptical as I saw nothing in that process that spoke to the way my mind works. However, I was contacted by the wonderful poet Uzomah Ugwu, who was curating an art show, The Art of the Poem, at the Pocket Star Gallery in Athens, Greece. She wanted me to submit artwork to the show that would reflect the poem, “a child’s harmony.” I had never done anything like this before, but wanted to see if it was possible to achieve art that would work with the poem. 

I had been experimenting with the new artificial intelligence art creation tools, so it seemed like the Art of the Poem was an excellent opportunity to test the abilities of this new method of creating art. At the time, I was using a website,, and it was definitely up to the task of creating the art I wanted for the Art of the Poem show. I submitted three artworks to Uzomah, and she replied confirming that the artwork would be in the show. That artwork can now be seen on my website.

I was now convinced that this new method of creating art was something that deserved additional exploration and in January of 2023, Uzomah contacted me again about doing another show, The Nature of Solitude, at the Pocket Star Gallery. This show would consist of her writing a number of poems that I would then use to create the art for the show.

For this second show I decided to move to a new AI tool, It was much more than an AI art generator, but a piece of excellent software that I could use to manipulate the images until I got the look and feel I wanted. The artwork, of course, still needed additional work with other software tools. It took a few weeks to get the artwork completed and the show opened online on April 10th, 2023. That show is now on my website.

I am very excited about the possibilities that AI art offers. It works perfectly with my hyperphantasia and my philosophy toward art and life - an expansive view of the world. I never want to be stuck doing the same thing over and over again. While some people see the world through a telephoto lens, my view is more very wide angle. It encompasses much. And each artwork I create has as its foundation one of my photographs or other image I created.

As my digital/AI art began to evolve, I decide that with most of the artwork on my website I would write very short stories reflecting each artwork. As my website has grown, I’ve really become enamored with the art/writing relationship. I attempt to create interesting settings and characters for each artwork. I will be adding additional art/writing works in the near future. 

In addition to my digital art exploration of AI, I have also explored the use of AI in the creation of writing. I find it fascinating that by using a tool like Bing Copilot, I can type in a prompt and within seconds an interesting story emerges. How does AI create something, whether art of story? So this is my focus here on Medium – to explore the world of AI creation. I will be calling my writing Exploring the Muse of CHAT-GPT. Each piece will be written by CHAT-GPT with no editing from me. Just the straight up work of the AI genius. I will also share my artwork and explain my process to the world. I have been intrigued by AI for a number of years and read many books on the subject and follow a number of websites that explore the subject.

My background is as follows: graduate of law school and practiced law for a number of years until I couldn’t take it any longer. Studied acting at the Second City training center and after graduating from that program began acting in Chicago. I was involved with two theater companies where I worked as producer, director, and actor. I then decided to focus on playwriting and when I moved to Denver joined a playwrights group. As part of journey in playwriting, this group produced an evening of 10 minute plays called "Colorado Quickies,” which ran for 12 years to critical acclaim. My plays have been produced across the US and the world. I have recently moved into the realm of novels, and I am currently working on a novel titled “Dancers in the Dark.”

My artwork has been seen in many Denver galleries as well as galleries in the US and internationally.

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