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Title: Queen Joan of Noriiland

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Queen Joan Room
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The path to becoming Queen of Noriiland was a long and winding one for me. I never thought that I would become a Queen as I was a simple woman living a simple life on my home planet. Then, one day, as I wandered in the Kalibic desert to try and collect my thoughts, a wind of great force picked me up and threw me high into the clouds. I lost consciousness and when I came to, I was no longer on my planet, but in a strange space where there was nothing around me. It was as if I was walking in a great, white fog – no up, no down, no forward or backward. A place of nothingness. After wandering for some time, I came upon an immense, black door. I stood there looking at it and was hesitant to open it but overcame my fears and pulled on the handle. I struggled to open it, but suddenly, it flew open, and I was thrust down a long, dark tunnel and, in a blast of immense white light, I found myself resting under two trees in the middle of a wide-open grassy landscape that was surrounded by a forest.

I sat there trying to collect my thoughts and soon I was asleep. When I awoke, I found myself surrounded by thousands of people. Strange people like no one I had ever seen on my home planet. Though they were strange to my eyes, they all were endowed with a beauty that took my breath away. I stood up fearful of what they might do to me, this woman who must have seemed as strange to them as they were to me. I had, however, a feeling that whatever just happened to me was going to be a rather interesting journey. I held up my hand in a gesture of friendship and hoped for the best.

Have you ever found yourself on a strange path or strange land? Did you go forth in a positive way or did you react out of fear? The Queen Joan artwork may give you the grounding to go down your path with calmness and confidence. Art seems to have that extraordinary ability.

Queen Joan
Queen Joan Room
Queen Room
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