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Title: Hexxort - The Queen's Protector

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Hexxort Room
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I know that I look frightening. But please don’t be put off by my looks, for it serves a great purpose. I protect the Queen and it is my duty to ensure her safety and well-being at all times. My bearing is one of my gifts as a protector. I am constantly on alert, looking for any potential threats to her majesty and taking steps to mitigate them. My frightening looks works to my benefit when confronting any threats to the Queen.

My relationship with Queen Joan is one of loyalty and devotion. I am honored to serve her and to protect her with every ounce of my being. I am always at her side, ready to defend her should the need arise.

Queen Joan is a kind and compassionate leader, and it is a pleasure to serve her. She values the safety and well-being of her subjects, and I am proud to help her achieve that goal.

In order to protect the Queen, I must always be vigilant and stay alert. I must keep abreast of any potential threats and be prepared to take action should the need arise. I work closely with other members of the Queen's security team to ensure that she is always protected. I often meet with Cordon, the Seer, to get insight as to what the future holds and make plans against any threats that she sees.

Do you have a protector? Someone you know who will always have your back? We all could use a person like that in our life at those times when difficult events occur. The portrait artwork of Hexxort may inspire you to be your own protection from the troubles of the world.

Hexxort Room
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