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Diasec Artisan Crafted Acrylic Prints

What is Diasec?


Diasec is the first system that allows digital art to be bonded directly and permanently to an acrylic sheet. It is the worlds most established and quality proven face-mounting process. Digital art is mounted to high exhibition standards and eliminates the need for a traditional picture frame. Diasec is a worldwide trademark registered by Diasec-Sovilla S.A. in Switzerland, who developed the technique in 1969.


Only printing studios that are licensed can use the special ingredients. The select ingredients for Diasec contain a closely guarded secret formula. All Diasec studios are equipped with a dedicated machine needed for the outstanding smooth bonding of the image to the acrylic. The printing studio I use for my Diasec prints is located here in Denver.


A fine art print is sandwiched behind an acrylic glazing and another archival substrate. The adhesive used in a real Diasec is a silicon adhesive combined with a proprietary product that ensures a complete and permanent bond. Unlike sticky film based acrylic face mounts that look similar, Diasec is engineered to never separate, peel, or fail.


The Diasec process produces higher image definition, brilliant color and fine detail to digital art works. Diasec panels are backed with Aluminum or Dibond composite material, to reinforce the rigidity of the finished artwork.


  • Face mounted on lens-grade optically clear acrylic.

  • The edges are hand polished for a crystal-clear look.

  • The digital artwork comes with backer materials and hanging hardware.

  •  An acrylic face mount print will look great against most any type of wall.

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