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Title: Sami Loves Mystery

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sami (1)A.jpg
Diasec is the printing method I use for my artwork.  It is a method of print preservation and presentation and I use it exclusively. All my artwork is ready to hang.

Copyright 2021

See my Diasec art process information

48" x 48" (122x122 cm) $3500.00

36" x 36" (91x91 cm) $2000.00

24" x 24" (61x61 cm) $900.00

16" x 16" (41x41 cm) $400.00

This art work starts with a photograph and then I transform it into the art you see here using specialized software that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to assist in the artistic process. With Sami I am exploring the complexity of the human face and the inherent  artistry it has.  

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