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Welcome to my new blog page.

I’ve been thinking of writing about art for some time and have finally decided to jump in. As a writer, I’ve been a playwright and a technical writer in the past – my plays can be read at – but my interest in writing for art came about from my curiosity about where abstract art came from. How did that art form develop and why did it start so suddenly in the later part of the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries? These are topics I plan on delving into in greater detail in the coming months.

So come along with me as I journey into the world of art. We’ll explore the history of abstract art and many of the artists, such as Kandinsky, Picasso, and Rothko, who were instrumental in developing the abstract forms – from Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism. I will also try to inform you as to who I think is doing some amazing work in our current time.

Next Blog Post – Where and how did abstract art develop?

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