A Series of 4 Art Works


Title: Peregrine 1


(102 cm x 102 cm)

Archival inks on Canson Rag Photograhique French fine art paper.

Edition of 10

Copyright 2020

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Title: Peregrine 1 to 4

Complete Series - 4 art works, over 13 feet of art.

Edition of 10

Copyright 2019


The Peregrine Series is a digitally abstract conceptual rendering of my vision of a peregrine falcon.  These works are all about color and digital, abstract forms. As someone who loves birding, to me the forms that make up this series remind me of the speed and agility of those amazing Peregrine falcons. Watching them throw themselves through spaces is exhilarating. The focus is on the bird as it plunges toward its pray and the background fades into a blur.