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Title: Where The Wind Starts

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Where the Wind Starts Room
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Where the Wind Starts

The document describing the location known as Where the Wind Starts was unusually brief, which seemed strange considering how detailed most documents in the Cave of Knowledge are. It basically said that this location was always windy, and they assumed that that was because wind started there. Then the document provided a detailed map to the location. Once we arrived at the Woods of the Western Lands, we followed the map and were able to find this site quickly. But, contrary to what we read in the documents, we experienced no wind at all.

But why put this site in the documents describing the most significant and spiritual sites in Noriiland? It really didn’t seem very spiritual. However, the first night at the site, we all had retired to our sleeping pods when we were awakened by the sound of something strange, but definitely not the wind. We rushed out of our pods to see these very strange creatures flying in the night air. As they flew, they emitted a high-pitched sound. They flew around us, over us, and, sometimes it seemed, they flew through us. They were very long and wispy beings and, like the band of singers at the Mystery Grove, somewhat invisible. As we watched them fly, we were hypnotized by the fact that they glowed brightly in the night air. After about an hour, they quickly disappeared into the forest.

The next morning when we were sitting around the table in our meeting pod, we all told of experiencing wild and vivid dreams after our night with the wispy creatures. These beings seemed to invigorate our group: we felt more focused and our imaginations seemed to be working on over-drive. We looked forward to seeing what other adventures awaited us at the site.

Is there a place that boosts your focus and imagination? When visiting that place, do you come back with more energy and are ready to tackle the projects waiting for you upon your return? Sometimes looking at a piece of art can act as that kind of catalyst. Will the artwork Where Wind Starts do that for you?

Where the Wind Starts Room
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