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Title: Queen Joan's Trees 

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Queen Joan's Trees Room
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Queen Joan's Trees

During the thousands of years that Noriiland existed, it had many Queens, some of which were fair and compassionate leaders, but some were as ruthless as the Kings who ruled the land. According to prophesies outlined in the secret library in the Cave of Knowledge, the last great Queen would appear in the Woods of the Western Lands at a spot marked by two trees in the center of a meadow. For centuries, the people would gather at this spot, just before harvest time, to celebrate the hopeful coming of the new Queen. 

During an especially dark time for the Noriilanders, they gathered at this scared spot but none believed that a new Queen would appear. It was toward the end of the celebration when most had given up hope and were getting ready to return to their homes, when a sudden storm cloud came in from the north. The wind howled, lightning flashed, and then there she was. Queen Joan stood between the two trees, raised her arms, and cast the storm away. She kneeled down on the ground as the people flocked to her side. 

From that day forth, she would reign in peace over the people of Noriiland. The darkness that had blanketed the land was at last lifted. Many of us are living in a very dark time with the hope that someone will appear to bring in the light to our world. Is there a place that can bring you some peace and comfort until that day arrives? The artwork Queen Joan's Trees seems to help me. Will it help you? 

Queen Joan's Trees Room
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