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Title: The Tree of Peace

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The Tree of Peace Room
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The Tree of Peace

One evening we were sitting around our campsite reviewing our plans for the next day’s adventure back to the Woods of the Western Lands. We had another map that we found in the library in the Cave of Knowledge but all we could decern from this map was that the tree we were looking for was close to the Trees of Queen Joan. From our translation of the document, we knew it was called the Tree of Peace.

We left before dawn the next morning and arrived at our destination a few hours after sunrise. We found the Trees of Queen Joan again and spread out from there to look for the Tree of Peace. After a few hours of looking, we were ready to give up. We couldn’t find a tree that seemed at all special.


That changed quickly when we encountered a ferocious storm. We all gathered together to try and get back to our site as fast as possible. The lightning started up and then the rain began. We were running as fast as we could when we noticed a tree that had no rain around it. We ran over to the tree, and for some strange reason, we were totally protected from the intense storm. The wind howled and blew around us, the rain came down in torrents, and lightning struck the ground and other trees, but nothing touched this tree and us. It seemed that once we were no longer looking for the Tree of Peace, we found it or it found us. Soon the storm dissipated, and we were able to get back to our campsite without further problems.

Peace can come in various forms and might depend on our needs. If we are anxious, we might need calmness. If we are frightened, we might need protection from what is frightening us. If we need to end a war, we might have to find common ground with the enemy. What kind of peace are you looking for? We hope that the Tree of Peace artwork can assist you in that journey.

The Tree of Peace Room
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