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Title: The Portal 

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The Portal Room
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The Portal

The document we found in the library in the Cave of Knowledge describes the portal as the location where Noriilanders could depart to another universe. A map of the location of The Portal was part of the document and though we were camped at the eastern end of the plateau, with our survey ships we were able to get to the Woods of the Western Lands in just a few hours. We had sufficient food to last three days, so we were committed to an in-depth investigation of the site.

But what exactly were we looking for? The drawing of the portal showed one tree creating what looked like an entryway with a tunnel. We began our search and within an hour one of our crew members alerted us that she may have found the portal tree. We hurried to her location and pulled out the drawing and we were almost positive that this was the correct location. But we certainly needed to be cautious as the document explained that once through the portal, there was no way back to this universe.

We stood there contemplating what our next move should be when we heard a noise from behind us. An animal that could be described as a large, furry deer came charging toward us. We quickly moved aside from its path. We watched as it ran through the entryway, and as it crossed into the tunnel, a large flash of white light filled the site and threw us to the ground. We had found the portal, but further investigation would have to wait. As it was getting late and the sun was beginning its descent toward the horizon, we decided to return to camp. We needed to meet and come up with a plan of action for the next day.

Though it is impossible for us to leave our own universe and planet, we can imagine what it would be like in a universe and planet that respects all the creatures living there. The Portal artwork may help transport our imaginations to such a place and, maybe, change how we envision our current world.

The Portal Room
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