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Noriiland - The Found Planet

First Installment

So, let’s get the intros over with right up front, okay? There are five AI - robotic crew members on this ship and I’m Banyon, the Captain, whatever the hell that means. The other four are Jeff, Connor, Dannax, (yeah, I know it sounds like some sleeping tablet), and Karen. And stop laughing. I know the names we chose sound boring and normal, except for Dannax, who decided to go a bit crazy with the name thing. We all selected our names when we were commissioned, which means they flipped the switch, and we went live. Before that switch was turned on, we were nothing but a bunch of wires and possibilities. We are all Level Ten androids (the latest and greatest, or so they tell us) and are basically indistinguishable from our human brothers and sisters, only better. All we need to keep going is some electricity, so, once a week we all plug into the system and recharge. We don’t eat, we don’t sleep, unless we want to, we don’t need a bathroom, and we are pretty much immune to the vagaries of space flight and exploration. And we don’t have sex, though we are built to accommodate humans who might want to screw around with a bit of android sex. But Android to Android sex? Most likely will never happen. We were built to look like men and women, but if we want to, we can easily switch our looks to however we want to look, within the human template, that is. But no homo sapiens to be found on this ship.
After we were commissioned, we all went through training, which meant they pumped our quantum computer brains with everything we would need to know to run the ship and explore planets we came across. We left Earth exactly four years, three months, two weeks, three days, two hours, fifteen minutes, eighteen seconds ago on March 3rd, 2547 at 3:15:47 in the morning. In the four years we’ve been gone from Earth, we have explored fifteen planets, all of which were dead, but we did find some interesting minerals and metals that we are bringing back to Earth.

Second Installment

Our Galaxy Star Ship is the latest and greatest in technological space travel. We can move fast, very fast. And I would explain it to you, but it is way beyond the knowledge they pushed into my amazing brain. To be honest, I really don’t care how it works. I just push the buttons and away we go. And where are we going? To a planet we are calling Auriginia that orbits a sun known as RRD5676, which was unknown to us until just a few days ago. We started picking up a signal from this planet, which orbits smack in the middle of the habitable zone. After we analyzed it, it was obvious that the signal was coming from some intelligent life forms. It was the first such signal ever received, not just by us, but throughout all the history of mankind. 
I know it may sound crazy, but the five of us on the Star Ship are truly juiced to get to this planet. You’d think that robots wouldn’t have these kinds of feelings, but we do. Whenever we come across a planet, we can’t wait to explore it. All fifty android crew members roaming around the Milky Way want to be the first to visit with beings who live outside of earth. And now we just might have a chance to accomplish that goal. 
We aren’t sure what we are in for when we arrive, but we will spend a few days scouting the planet from above to get a good overview of how it looks. We’ll make note of any dangers that may appear to us from our reconnaissance. And then, if everything looks good, three of us will board one of our landing vehicles and land on the planet at a place that seems safe. But until then, we must just sit back and let the ship do its thing. I’m psyched. 

(More coming soon.)

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