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Title: The Mystery Grove

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The Mystery Grove Room
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The Mystery Grove

One never knows what will happen at the Mystery Grove, said the document from the library in the Cave of Knowledge. Most of the places mentioned in these documents have proven to be very difficult, if not impossible, to find. But the Mystery Grove was not hidden like the others. We looked at the map and, following its instructions, we were able to locate it without much trouble.

All six of us walked around the Mystery Grove trying to see if there was something hidden there. We found nothing. But often when we stop looking for something it shows up unexpectedly. We sat in the grass looking at the forest, smelling the clean, fresh air, and feeling the touch of the warm breeze. A few of us fell asleep as the warmth of their sun brought on a sense of ease.


Then it happened. The sun dimmed as a large cloud passed over the grove. We heard the sound of voices coming closer. We saw a band of people closing in on us and we began to realize that this group of creatures was singing. They looked somewhat like us but, yet, different. Soon they surrounded us, and we saw that these creatures were almost invisible as we could see through them. Ghostly figures but yet not frightening. A few of us tried to join in the song as best we could, not knowing their language. Others of us started to laugh, while some started to cry. They stayed with us for what seemed like hours and then suddenly disappeared. Gone. But because of that encounter with these mystery creatures, we felt changed. Less frighten of what this planet might offer us. One could say that we felt more at home on this foreign planet.

The Mystery Grove artwork reflects what we experienced while exploring the mystical properties within these trees. Maybe, it too, will make you feel more at home on our planet, even if at present it doesn’t seem very homelike. Will it make you laugh, cry, sing, sleep? Who knows.

The Mystery Grove Room
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