Isolation of Red Series

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Because of our current pandemic, we are all probably looking at isolation in a negative way. However, isolation often is a very good thing. Many of us dream of getting away to get our creative juices flowing. Writers often seclude themselves when they are in the midst of a writing project. Parents dream of the day when they can slip away for a few days from the kids and reconnect with each other. The digital abstract art on this page uses another idea of isolation – that of separating  a bold, abstract form so that we can appreciate that abstract form without any distractions from other possible elements. It is the isolation of simplicity. The title – Isolation of Red, helps us understand that we will be confronted with a very simple but colorful abstract shape isolated from all other shapes and colors. However, the slightest hint of gray fades out suggesting that there is more to these elements, just not seen. We must take this red shape for what it is and bring our own interpretation to the relationship between the art and the viewer. 

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