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Title: Isabel and Lily - $2750.00

Isabel and Lily Art

One evening in a very large city, a mother and daughter walked along the railway tracks in silence, occasionally glancing at each other with smiles. They were dressed in long, colorful coats, and each held a vibrant umbrella, which protected them from the cold and rain. Though their surroundings seemed rather daunting and dangerous, it never occurred to them that they shouldn’t be on this quest for discovery. 

They were there because the mother, Isabel, had promised her daughter, Lily, an adventure. Lily was a dreamer, always imagining fantastic worlds beyond their small neighborhood. Isabel, a single mother working two jobs to make ends meet, didn't have the money for a trip to an exotic part of the world, but she wanted to show her daughter that magic could be found in the most unexpected places. So, Isabel had taken Lily on a journey along the railway tracks, a place that had always fascinated her daughter. She had seen it from her bedroom window, snaking its way through their neighborhood, leading to unknown areas of the city.

As they walked, Isabel, using her flashlight, pointed out interesting artifacts they came across along the way. A flower growing between the tracks, a bird's nest nestled in a broken gutter, a discarded jacket left behind by some other adventurer. Lily's eyes shone with wonder as she took in each new discovery. She asked questions, and Isabel answered them as best she could, making up stories when she didn't know the answer.

As the rain intensified, they sought shelter in a nearby abandoned building. The inside was dark and musty, but Isabel used her flashlight to illuminate the small space. As they looked around this tiny room, they found a sooty, old map of the world. They sat down on two old, dusty chairs and Isabel pointed to different countries, telling Lily about their cultures and traditions. Lily was fascinated, and the two of them looked over the map, wondering what an adventure would be like in some of those far-off lands.

When the rain finally subsided, they continued their journey. As they walked, they spotted high-rise buildings in the distant part of the city. Maybe their next adventure? Lily gasped, and Isabel smiled, knowing that this was the magic her daughter had been seeking. They returned home tired and wet but filled with a sense of wonder and adventure. Isabel tucked Lily into bed, and as she drifted off to sleep, she whispered, "Thank you, mom. That was the best adventure ever." Isabel kissed her daughter's forehead and whispered back, "We're just getting started, my love."

What adventures are you seeking? 

hall (1).webp
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