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January Art Room
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Title: January First - $2750.00

January Art

The change from November 30th to December 1st was drastic, but the change from December 31st to January 1st was subtle. After a New Year’s Eve spent at one of our local pubs, and drinking a bit too much, we awoke to a day that was almost a carbon copy of the last day of the year. High temperatures would be lucky to hit double digits, but there was more snow on the ground than we discovered on our first walk of December. After an early lunch of hot and spicy chili, we decided to check out the lake and see what changes had occurred since the walk on December 1st. As we headed out of the house, I noticed that the temperature was a robust 11 degrees Fahrenheit.

When we arrived at the lake, the first change we noticed was the footprints of now long disappeared walkers as they crossed over the lake. No longer was the ice a danger. After a month of sub-freezing temperatures, the ice was easily able to handle even the heftiest hiker who felt the need to head out on the frozen lake. But those footprints could easily disappear if the wind picked up and blew the snow hard enough to cover the evidence of prior hikers. 

The sun was still mostly blocked by an ever present blanket of thick, gray clouds. But enough light did leak through to add a touch of mystery to the icy lake. As we stood there admiring nature’s frozen handiwork, a large bull moose crossed our path. He looked at us briefly before slowly moving across the ice. Since the sun was still setting rather early in the day, we didn’t linger by the lake, and turned around and made our way back home to a warm fireplace. We decided to treat ourselves to a nice piece of apple pie and tea. The first day of the new year was almost perfect.

January Art Room
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